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Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012

book news Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012

RIASS stuff:

A review of Single Girl Abroad'by Kelly Hunter (Rating: star Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012star Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012blankstar Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012blankstar Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012blankstar Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012), a romance novel packaged in a chick-lit jacket.

A giveaway of'Barry and the Fairies of Miller Street'(Aus only, ends 20 May)

Other bookish stuff:

Rebecca Solnit talks The Hunger Games, real and fictional: So skip work, flip a bird at the Capitol, commit your deepest love and solidarity to the young whose lives are being gambled away, feed the hungry, take a long look at how beautiful our planet still is, find your way into solidarity and people power, and dream big about other futures. Resistance is one of your obligations, but it's also a pleasure and a way of stealing back hope.

Q&A with Glenn Orgias, author of Man in a Grey Suit, and chap who totally jumped the shark: I wanted it to be evocative and honest, and, to be frank, I wanted it to be a compelling read that was written well. I never wanted to write a memoir, but then I got attacked by a shark, and the opportunity seemed to be right up in my face. So, I hoped I could write a decent memoir and use it as a springboard into writing novels.

Q&A with Jane Higgins, author of The Bridge: I wanted him [Nik] to be of that unspecified ethnicity but I hope people realise he is brown. When you look at who are the marginalised ' the refugees and asylum seekers ' very often they have a brown face. I wanted to give the idea that Cityside was multicultural but actually people with brown faces were likely to be looked at twice.

Canadians are into crime: But Laukkanen is merely the hottest Canadian author in a season when the country's mysteries and thrillers are a red hot commodity. The Canadian quotient is represented in a handful of authors this spring who are, like Laukkanen, first crime novelists, but more impressive is the number of homegrown writers with second crime novels on the market.

Henry Miller on Originality: And your way, is it really'your'way?What, moreover, can you call your own? The house you live in, the food you swallow, the clothes you wear ' you neither built the house nor raised the food nor made the clothes.The same goes for your ideas. You moved into them ready-made.

Unexplored dystopias? Really, theres such thing? (Notable highlights include Canada Rising and Micro-Managing Brother)

A free short story set in Marissa Meyers Cinder'universe.

Jennifer Egans PEN book bag

Hey, look, thats totally my TBR pile!

The Kibble Literary Award shortlist has been announced

Twitter to start emailing users the top stories from their feed.

A music playlist for The Year of the Gadfly

Win a John Green prize pack (Canadians only)


What is steampunk anyway? See Michael Pryor's'discussion on Radio National.


Neil Grant discusses his novel The Ink Bridge:

Neil Gaiman on that oft-asked questionfrom where an author gets his or her ideas.

Cover reveal:'Protecting Truth'by Michelle Warren, author of Wanderdust

BOOK2 by Michelle Warren Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012

Michelle has also kindly let us know that shes offering a special deal on the first in the trilogyfor a limited time, the Kindle edition of Wanderdust'(see below for the trailer) is only 99c.

WanderDust Special Offer1 Bookish News & Publishing Tidbits 15 May 2012

Michelle can be found online at her'website; on'Facebook; on'Goodreads'and on'Twitter.

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