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Giveaway: The Last City by Nina DAleo

Nina DAleos'The Last City has been described as'Blade Runner meets'Perdido Street Station, which is a lengthy way of saying you want to read this right now. Fortunately, thanks to Momentum Books, the digital imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia, RIASS has three ecopies of'The Last City'to give away to our readers. Read on for a bit more about the book, and to enter!

 Giveaway: The Last City by Nina DAleo

An intoxicating blend of noir crime, science fiction and fantasy The Last City is Blade Runner meets Perdido Street Station.

Scorpia ' the last city of Aquais ' where the Ar Antarians rule, the machine-breeds serve and in-between a multitude of races and species eke out an existence somewhere between the ever-blazing city lights and the endless darkness of the underside.

As a spate of murders and abductions grip the city, new recruit Silho Brabel is sent to the Oscuri Trackers, an elite military squad commanded by the notorious Copernicus Kane. But Silho has a terrible secret and must fight to hide her strange abilities and monstrous heritage.

As the team delve deeper into Scorpia's underworld, they discover a nightmare truth.'Hunted by demons, the Trackers must band together with a condemned fugitive, a rogue wraith and a gangster king and stake their lives against an all-powerful enemy to try to save one another and their world.

Visit Ninas'website'|'Twitter'|'Facebook; check out a guest post from Nina here.


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pixel Giveaway: The Last City by Nina DAleo

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