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Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012

book news Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012

RIASS stuff:

The new RIASS theme is here! If you're reading this in your email or a reader, do swing by to check it out.

A review of Preloved'by Shirley Marr, in which I get my 80s on (Rating: star Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012star Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012star Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012star Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012blankstar Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 8 June 2012)

A'giveaway'of Big Sky Country'by Linda Lael Miller and a'giveaway of Carole Wilkinson's'Blood Brothers

Im one of a group of bloggers participating in a readalong/discussion of My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson. Swing by here to join in.

Calling all bookish Melburnians! RIASS and some bookish buddies are planning a night out at the Astor Theatre tomorrow night. All welcome, so if you're a local (or wish to commute), feel free to drop by. Details'here.

Other bookish stuff:

Rita Arens: Ray Bradbury made me a writer'Bradbury made me think, and think'hard'about human nature and the state of the universe and God and evolution and everything that goes into being part of this world. He made me want to be a writer, so that I, too, could live forever and maybe,'just maybe'pass along an observation of my own about the human condition that would impact some other little girl somewhere down the line.

Books and Loss (In Memoriam) Which writers would you like to say Farewell to?

The visit to the circus that changed Ray Bradburys life:'Every once in a while at a book signing I see a young boy or girl who is so full of fire that it shines out of their face and you pay more attention to that. Because they are so alert, and everything you say, they are hanging on it. It could be that maybe at the age of twelve there was something in my face that I couldnt see, of course, but he did. Maybe thats what attracted him.

Rachel Aaron on influences and inspirations:'One of the greatest things about being a modern writer is that you have so much amazing material to steal from. My books filch things from anime and manga, video games, urban fantasy, classic fantasy, and Russian folklore. It was actually hard to write this post because I had so many inspirations for the Eli books.

Interview with Carolina de Robertis, author of Perla: 'knew some things about where the narrative was headed, but there were aspects of the ending that remained nebulous to me until I was finally ready to write it. The details of what happens on a certain final night, actions that Perla takes'those were unexpected, and they startled me and even moved me with the meaning they carried under the surface.

An interview with romance writer Ruthie Knox'I spent a ton of time on trains, commuting back and forth between my flat and various archives. Since I didn't have any friends, and since I'm an inveterate people-watcher, I did a lot of observing, and I wrote a lot in a journal about what it was like living in London, what I was thinking and feeling, and what I observed. I don't remember lusting after any'specific'fellow commuters (though I certainly'wouldn't'put it past me), but I definitely saw my fair share of good-looking, suit-wearing Englishmen on my commutes into the city.

The virtues of daydreaming: It turns out that whenever we are slightly bored'when reality isn't quite enough for us'we begin exploring our own associations, contemplating counterfactuals and fictive scenarios that only exist within the head.'A daydream is that fountain spurting, spilling strange new thoughts into the stream of consciousness. And these spurts turn out to be surprisingly useful.

Trends in Russian childrens and YA books: In Russia, 6% of the titles published in 2011 were children's and YA books; but of those, over 51% were picture books, while a mere 2.5% were for young adults. And over the past three years, print runs of children's and YA titles have declined by over 20%. There are now fewer than 3,000 bookstores in all of Russia, roughly the same number as in 1913.

Jodi Picoult on writing Between the Lines with her daughter'(video)

Independent Canadian publishers lose valuable financial support

Whats your take on bloggers going pro? (Feel free to throw money my way, btw)

On the dangers of living with a poet

First photos from the upcoming Anna Karenina film starring Keira Knightley (shudder) and Jude Law (also shudder)

What are the big childrens books for autumn (US)?'

The trailer for The Golden Lily'by Richelle Mead:

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