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Bookish news and publishing tidbits 29 November 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 29 November 2011

RIASS stuff:

See our latest giveaways:'Rosie Black Chronicles,'The Secret Ingredient'(last day to enter!)'Because of You'and'Past the Shallows.

Bein a braggart:'flip to pages 45-47 for my coverage of Melbournalia

Other bookish stuff:

A Harry Potter-themed dessert table:'

Diana Gabaldon on her favorite and least-favorite

Alternatives to hypersexualised or submissive female game characters:'

The Best Books of 2011 as Chosen by Australian Authors

Loving this time-wastin (in a good way) literature

10 lost novels refound. How do you feel about reading a work that was never completed by the author?

NYTimes profiles Steven Pinker, author of Better Angels of Our Nature and all-around great thinker:'

Chronicles of Vonnegut new books delve into the life and work of a man who couldn't silence his political

Researching the escape route of a king'

Wayne Macauley talks to Ben Pobjie about The Cook

Audio Books vs. Book Books: Which Does the Brain Prefer?'

On selling more Mary Hooper than Stephenie Mayer, and more Penny Dolan than JK Rowling

Pippa Middleton and the survival of the preposterous publishers advance'

Spectrals first year: a retrospective

Words for lovers

A bookish Christmas tree ornament:'

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