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Book News, Reviews, and Musings 15 Sep 2010

book news Book News, Reviews, and Musings 15 Sep 2010

Starting today, Read in a Single Sitting will be publishing a daily roundup of book news, reviews, and musing. Feel free to chime in, or to tweet/email us if weve missed something that youd like to see featured.

Book News:

A graphic novel by William S Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill about a billionaire newspaper tycoon has been acquired by American publisher Fantagraphics books, and will be published for the first time in its entirety. Read the article.

Puzzled by cryptic crosswords? The Age cryptic crossword writer Richard Astle has recently written a book for those of us not quite as switched on as he is. Read the article.

Speaking of brains, The University of Baltimore is offering a class focusing exclusively on zombie fiction. Read the article. (If thats not enough, not that is also running a zombie feature all week)

Do you enjoy getting up on your soapbox to rail about who is and who isnt buying books? Make sure you get your facts straight before you do with this article from the Seattle Times.


Is the recent ubiquity of literary mashups quality art or lazy writing? Author'Tansy Rayner Roberts discusses.

Must protagonists be likeable? Or are scummy ragamuffins just as enjoyable to read? The Readers Club discusses.

What is it about parody and satire that appeals? The Wall Street Journal discusses.

Disheartened by heternormativity in comics? Boldtype dishes up a list of graphic novels containing queer characters.

Have you heard?

Fabulous Australian website Auslit is doing an AussieCon feature, which includes all manner of interviews, reviews, and musings from authors in attendance. Its definitely worth checking out.

Just for fun.

Todays just for fun is a bookalike. What do you think about these separated-at-birth covers?

 Book News, Reviews, and Musings 15 Sep 2010

kiki strike kirsten miller Book News, Reviews, and Musings 15 Sep 2010

(incidentally, you can check out our review of Kiki strike here)

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