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RIASS visits El Alteneo bookshop, Buenos Aires

Im the sort of person who thinks that any bookshop is beautiful, but I have to admit that El Alteneo Grand Splendid bookshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which I visited yesterday, takes things just a wee bit further.

Located in what was once the Teatro Gran Splendid, it sprawls over three storeys, and there are books as far as the eye can see. The old seating boxes have now been turned over to readers who like to dip into a book before buying, and art dots the wallsor is painted directly on to them. And the ceilings. And everywhere else you care to look.

Just in case you dont believe me, here are a few of my touristy pics of the place (why yes, I plan to spend a fair amount of my holiday here):

bookshop3 709x1024 RIASS visits El Alteneo bookshop, Buenos Aires
bookshop1 709x1024 RIASS visits El Alteneo bookshop, Buenos Aires
bookshop4 709x1024 RIASS visits El Alteneo bookshop, Buenos Aires

bookshop2 709x1024 RIASS visits El Alteneo bookshop, Buenos Aires


  1. OMG that is a stunning bookshop I can see why you want to move in!

    • Stephanie /

      It is amazing, Shelleyrae. And enormous! The theatre had a seating capacity of over 1000, if that helps give you an idea of its size. So beautiful.

  2. Carol /

    Geez Is it for real? think that is too beautiful to be a bookshop. this place is so stunning!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Wow wow wow wow wow! That looks AMAZING! So jealous you got to go there. THanks for sharing x

  5. Stephanie /

    It is just beautiful! Im collecting pics of other bookshops here, tootheyre all old-fashioned and crammed with second-hand books. Love it :)

  6. That is gorgeous. The bookstore I worked in, so did not look like that. ;)

  7. Mariana /

    I love your site! Never commented but today I have to! I just posted about my favorite bookstores in the world. Being from Argentina (I now live in the US) El Ateneo Gran Splendid made it into my top 3! I also wrote about another little bookshop right next to it: El Tunnel. Hope you like it!

  8. Stephanie /

    Its just stunning, Jami. Im going to go back next week!

    Hi Mariana, so nice to see you here! Thanks so much for your note, and for letting me know about your favourite bookshops postIll stop by to check it out. I might also do a post of all of my favourites, too!

  9. OMGthis is an awesome bookshop. Its like a dream! Gorgeous!

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