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Bookish news and publishing tidbits 8 September 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 8 September 2011

Neil Gaiman starts a new tradition with All Hallows Read.

Reading fiction improves empathy, study finds'

How to Write Like Freddie Mercury Sings'

Scholastic announces partnership with Ruckus Media''for a new transmedia

Literary Mixtape: Moby Dick:'

The winners of the Queensland Premiers Literary Awards, announced Tuesday in Brisbane:'

The Swedes do it SO well. Stockholm Library: '

Luc Santes library: Im not a snob about books, but Im probably a show-off.'

Vonnegut, Google Correlate, & the shapes of stories:'

Readings Books supports 20 new Wheeler Centre'Fellowships through funding from the Readings Foundation.'

Faber Books announces a new joint venture with the Perseus Books Group.

When will your local Borders close? (Mine already has)

The current episode of the Bat Segundo Show features John Banville

Much Ado About a Giveaway: Win a collection of Shakespeare titles'

NPR interview with DigthisGig'author Laura Dodd'

How to correctly pronounce authors names (essential so that you dont sound like an idiot at the dinner table):'

Over on my wedding website Little Wed Hen, a post on a traditional village wedding in Nepal (written by my friend Lauren)'

RIASS stuff:

Were running a giveaway courtesy of 40K books. Its open to all, so stop by!

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