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Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 21 March 2012

book news Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 21 March 2012

RIASS stuff:

A Review of Lady Violet Winters and the Man with Tiger Eyes'by Karen Wallace: an Edwardian era child sleuth'

A review of'Mr Toppit: what if AA Milne's Christopher Robin had lived now?

Coming up: a review of Swiss Family Robinson, a guest post from Kate Forsyth, an interview with Joel Naoum from Momentum publishing, and interviews with Michael Grant and Richard Hine.

Just a note that I'll be tango dancing my way through Argentina in April, and would love to receive some guest posts to feature during that time. Feel free to drop me a line at News and general bookish bits and pieces are also welcome!

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Other bookish stuff:

Are you a reader or a re-reader?'I just wonder if re-reading isn't something that positively correlates with becoming a writer in adulthood. 'I believe re-reading demonstrates early attempts to understand how stories work, how characters are formed, and how plots tangle and resolve. Kids who are destined to be writers re-read instinctively because this is the way to develop an innate sense of story-telling.

Meanjin on book launches:'Whilst it is easy to believe book launches are thriving if you live in and around central Melbourne, where many small to medium sized publishing houses are based, a lot of the larger houses are more cautious with regards to the benefits of launches, perhaps understandably so given the financial burden of travel and organisation costs. In many cases it may simply not be worth the publisher's or author's time and publicity resources would be better employed elsewhere.

An interview with the cover model/photographer for Ally Condies Matched:'I did the photo shoots right in my home. Since there wasn't a specific background needed for the photos, it was really just a matter of setting up my equipment, switching outfits and then shooting the photos. I just had to convince my dog that he wasn't needed in the photo shoots as he sometimes thought a napping dog was needed in some of the [shots].'Since I'm not really showing my face in either of the current book covers, the fun and interesting part of the photo shoots was trying to convey the emotions of the Cassia only through my body language.

An interview with author Wiley Cash:'I feel the same away about caricatures in literature as I do about stereotypes in life: they're for lazy people who don't want to invest time or energy in discovering the truth about people who are different from them.

YA titles on their way to the big screen

Have you entered the Australian Best Blogs competition?

Whats your reading speed?

static ereader Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 21 March 2012

Frances Flammarion for Sale, Battle for Acquisition Begins

The Indie Lit Awards winners have been announced

Mmmm, bookshelves arranged by colour.

The Hunger Games'film pre-selles over 1m tickets

John Irving talks about In One Person:

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