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Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 2 April 2012

book news Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 2 April 2012

RIASS stuff:

An apology to anyone who received a bizarre spam email from me on Sunday night: my account was compromised by spammers. Do let me know if you have any ongoing problems and Ill do what I can to sort it out.

Book review:'Once a Ferrara Wife'by Sarah Morgan'(in which I use the term 'super sperm')

Q&A with Steven C Eisner, author of the Mad Men-inspired Minefields

Q&A with Lori Foster, bestselling author of A Perfect Storm

I still have a couple of of bookish quote print-outs (designed in spiffy Art Deco style) left over from my wedding, so if you'd like one, just email your address details to and I'll post one out to you!

I'm off on my honeymoon at the end of this week, so if you'd like your name up in lights with a RIASS guest post, just drop me a line.

Other bookish stuff:

LG epaper display 300x187 Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 2 April 2012

LG reveals ultra-flexible e-paper display

Interview with Edmund de Waal,''author of The Hare With Amber Eyes: Writing this book was an attempt to try and find a voice. The writing of it was a kind of journey in itself: to try and find a way of writing about all the things I cared about, and absolutely not to write cultural history, and not be academic or professorial, but to be engaged. It was a struggle. This book undid me in the sense that everything about the way Id learnt to write, to be authoritative and footnotey, kind of fell away.

What is Seen Reading? (aka Book Perving) And do you participate?'I like to people watch, but I particularly like to watch people who read in public. Nowhere does this happen more than on public transit, where both reader and voyeur are captive for a few minutes.

The cover for Lemony Snickets'Who Could That Be at This Hour?'has'been released:

who could that be at this hour lemony snicket Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 2 April 2012

Enter to win a copy of'The Young Athiests Guide to Living a Life without God

Even villains fall in love

Everyone needs a James Joyce doorknob

Wedding readings for bookish brides'

Brilliant April 1st newsletter edition from Shelf Awareness: Amazon, meet Robopocalypse!

Have you entered the Sydney Writing Centre best blog comp?

On creating a listeners list of outstanding audiobook narrators

Laura Lippman on how being a mum changed the way she writes her characters:

Kate Forsyth discusses writing her new novel Bitter Greens (stay tuned for a RIASS guest post from Kate!)


  1. I have been known to do Seen Reading and even post about it at times. I have been thinking that it is almost time to do it again.

  2. Stephanie /

    Im definitely a seen reader, and really should do some Vox Pop posts on it. :)

    Now that Ive taken to book-walking on the way to work, I expect that I may pop up in Seen Reading posts, too!

  3. I hope you have entered your blog Steph! If not I will do it for you!
    Btw if you still have a few of those wedding bits Id love one!


  4. Stephanie /

    Aw, thanks, Shelleyrae. Im a closet narcissist, so Ive enteredI hope you have, too :)

    Ill pop some of the cards in the post for you today :)

  5. I did receive an email from you about an ipad or something but I just assumed it was spam.

    • Stephanie /

      Oh, Im so sorry, Jayne. Glad you realised that it wasnt really me, though!

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