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Bookish news and publishing tidbits 1 October 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 1 October 2011

Harry Potter e-book sales postponed until 2012

Authors social concerns are more than gentle on his mind

Childrens book sales defy recession'

Picture Book Stars Shine at the Carle Honours

Will Syria's Adonis be named as Nobel Literature Prize winner this year?'

Murakami: Theres Always Only One Reality

Karl Lagerfeld Wants You To Smell Like

A nifty interactive infograph of the top ten challenged books in the US in 2010:'

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Traffic

Sucking the Quileute Dry:'

Its Cybils Award Season! -'

Have you joined Book Riot?'

A Congolese student is suing the publishers of the comic Tintin, claiming one of the stories is racist'(just one?)

Taiwan launches cloud platform for book lovers

Formal science publishing: Its not about making public ' its about status enhancement.

Author Judy Blume'knows about censorshipCheck out her website for a whole section on fighting it!'

Omnifics Trick or Treat Sale! Check out their 99? paranormal titles!'


  1. I just joined Book Riotso curious to see what its all about!!