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Book News, Reviews, and Musings 23 September 2010

book news 150x150 Book News, Reviews, and Musings 23 September 2010

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News and features

Theres a new publisher on the scene in Australia! Advertising exec John Singleton and Macquarie Dictionary founder Kevin Weldon have joined forces to bring us a purely antipodean publishing list.

Galleycat tells us that Stephen King will guest star in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, and will play a character named Bachman (which interestingly mirrors Kings famous pseudonym). King is no stranger to the small screen, and this should be one to keep an eye out for!

Check out this trailer for Janet Mullanys new book Jane and the Damned. We love Mullanys work, as evidenced by this review of her novel Improper Relations.


Adventures in Sci Fi publishing interviews Hugo Award winner Paolo Bacigalupi about his solo and collaborative work, and about his recent awards.

contemplates a life spent living around books over at the Book Banter Blog about her Temeraire series.

Rick Kleffel interviews author John Brandon about the writing process, and about his novel Citrus Country.

As part of our recent dystopian run, we review The Man in the High Castle. You can also check out our recent review of Fahrenheit 451,'The Chysalids and Brave New World.

The Booktopia blog gives a wonderfully rambling review (or rather critique) of Franzens Freedom, and muses on the surprising ambivalence that can arise when reading, and when wanting to be a part of a literary experience.

Rick Kleffel from The Agony Column reviews The Flock by James Robert Smith. Its about giant monster bird critters. Whats not to love?


Having recently left her bookshop job, Erin at Erin Reads contemplates a life spent living around books, and appreciates the literary blogging community of which shes now a part.

In an article on book marketing, BookBuzzr ponders how to identify the audience for a particular book.

Editor Lila Sales wonders just what it is about dead parents in young adult literature. (Perhaps she should also add neglectful parents to that listboth are devices for getting the parents out of the way so that the kids can do their own thing without parental interference)

Larry at OfBlog considers how easily an author can be conflated with the ideas espoused in his or her work.

Just for fun

Oh, fabulous bookshelves galore! I love the idea of a moebius strip bookshelfits never ending, so youd never need to buy a new one!
Author birthdays

Happy birthday Euripides!

Quote of the Day

Ignorance is the parent of fear . . . Herman Melville

Beautiful book cover of the day

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I love these roundup posts and how theyre split up by type. And I want to redo my house with every single one of those bookshelves!

  2. Stephanie /

    My pleasure, Erin. It was a fascinating post, and really got me thinking, to be honest. :) I love the moebius bookshelf the mostI think it would be so much fun trying to tell someone where to find a book. Its on the shelf, how hard could it be? Theres only one shelf, after all!

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