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Book news, reviews, and musings 10 Nov 2010

book news 150x150 Book news, reviews, and musings 10 Nov 2010

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News and features

Were glad to hear that author Marian Keyes is on the mend.

It turns out that eReading can be quite the romantic endeavour: a man has proposed to his now-fiancee via the kindle.

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Readers are taking it upon themselves to re-shelve George Bushs autobiography.

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Peter Orullian interviews fantasy author Brian Sanderson.

Critic David L Ulin chats with author Armistead Maupin.


Erin at Erin Reads reviews The Distant Hours by Kate Moreton and is pleased to see that despite its length its not bloated.

Amy looks at The Wolves of Andover by Kathleen Kent, and has a lot of good things to sayalthough you should read its predecessor first.

Ron Hogan at looks at The MD by Thomas M Disch


Lisa Rowe Fraustino muses on writing, her debut novel, and on having health insurance. reflects on the popularity of different reading devices.

The Scholarly Kitchen ponders the ethics of medical authorship.

Just for fun

Everyone needs a book bag.

Author birthdays

Happy birthday, Neil Gaiman!

Quote of the Day
Among the letters my readers write me, there is a certain category which is continuously growing, and which I see as a symptom of the increasing intellectualization of the relationship between readers and literature. Herman Hesse, whose Glass Bead Game inspired this website!

Beautiful book cover of the day:

angry candy ellison Book news, reviews, and musings 10 Nov 2010


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  1. I sooo want one of those purses! And the re-shelving of Bushs memoir is hilarious. Also, thanks for the link :)

  2. Stephanie /

    Arent they great?

    I think it would be hilarious to have a day where readers can reshelve books the way they think they should be shelved. I wonder how much literary stuff would move into mainstream, and whether genre fiction would get all mixed up.

    Of course, wed end up with a whole shelf devoted to Twilight. :S

  3. It would be quite hilarious, you are right! Especially in a really big store. Though, I wouldnt want to be in charge of putting them back in order afterwards ;)

  4. That Kindle story is so creative!!

    Im curious to see if other people feel the same way I did about The Distant Hours, whether they agree that there werent many extraneous bits. I, for one, was impressed!

  5. Stephanie /

    Id love an eBook proposal! Knowing my nerdy BF, though, hell probably design an iPad app instead

    The Distant Hours sounds absolutely fabulous. I love mysteries, and Im quite partial to the odd historical. Together its hard to go wrong! One mystery that I found really interesting recently was Erin Harts Haunted Ground. It combined a number of different mystery threads all from different eras. Very well done for a debut novel!