Book Review: Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

evercrossed chandler Book Review: Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

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As any paranormal reader will attest, vampires have had their time in the, er, sun, and now its time for them to step aside so that something else might take their place. Among the contenders we have werewolves and various other changelings, succubi, mermaids, demons and other brutes and, of course, angels. But while the others are safe enough choices, I have to say that theres something about using angels as a device that feels, to me, a little limited. Perhaps its that Im not a religious person, and that the use of angels immediately signals religious elements for me, or perhaps its that I cant help but wonder whether such books are necessarily sanitised and cleaned up in order to avoid offending.

Evercrossed, then, was a pleasant surprise for me. Although I cant say that launched me into seventh heaven, I certainly didnt feel as though I was languishing in Dantes circles of Hell. Its a tidy, solid read, and though it doesnt pack many punches or provide any astonishing reveals, its a palatable outing thats surprisingly satisfying. I should note, though, that its the fourth in a seriesalthough the fact that I only belatedly realised this indicates that Chandler does a neat job of providing adequate backstory without the laboriousness often involved in doing so.

Its been almost a year since the death of Ivys boyfriend Tristan, and though Ivys worked hard to move on, the impending anniversary of his murder causes her no end of anguish. Her struggle to cope with her loss is increasingly palpable, and its tearing apart her relationship with her current boyfriend Will, and causing rifts between Ivy and her friends, who deplore her treatment of Will. But things become even more tense when Ivy is involved in a serious road accidentand is brought back to life, she believes, by Tristan.

While she coalesces in hospital, Ivy muses on the accident and is increasingly convinced that Tristan has returned to her. And when she meets a gorgeous amnesiac youth who is a patient on the ward, she cant shake the feeling of recognition that overcomes her. As the boy slowly starts to recall snatches of his life, Ivy is enraptured: she is certain that the boy is none other than Tristan returned to her. But this boy who has captured Ivys attention may not be who he claims to be. In fact, hes wanted for murder

From the above, youll no doubt have ascertained that Evercrossed'covers some familiar ground, and I have to admit that the initial ouija board let the evil spirits in scene didnt raise my hopes especially high. But Chandlers simple prose and easy-going beachy setting see this one roll along at a merry pace. Although there are some elements that didnt quite work for methe random angel appearances, the return thee to life scene, and Ivys habit of buying clothes for hobos to name a fewthe plot unfolds evenly, and the characters are solid if not especially complex. (This may be because Ivy seems relatively introverted, and makes little effort to get to know others: she does not seem the type to notice nuance or change)

Although I found it hard at times to believe Ivys utter conviction that the amnesiac chap is Tristan, Chandler does highlight Ivys ongoing struggles with her loss, and the fact that these are only heightened by the impending anniversary. (And how I do wish that young adult book editors would put a neat strikethrough through those impassioned pleas of love and, well, anything at all about soul mates.)'Of course, as the amnesiacs known identity wavers between oh-so-perfect Tristan and evil-murderer-guy, things start to take on a darker, more interesting turn, but as is the case with most YAs these days, youll have to wait for the sequel to find out.

Though it will no doubt divide readers, Ivys relationship with Will was one of the most interesting elements of the book: Ivy is painfully ambivalent in her emotions, keeping Will at arms length at the best of times and overtly avoiding him at the worst. It certainly doesnt paint Ivy in a positive light, but avoidance and evasion is what people do, particularly if theyre the type of people who avoid confrontationwhich seems to be the case with Ivy. It also sets up some challenging times ahead for Ivy, as having alienated near everyone around her, she may find that she has few allies to help out when the cops come a-knocking. And given that shes harbouring an alleged murderer, they certainly will.

Obviously I cant speak for how Evercrossed'fits into the rest of the series, but as a standalone read its solid enough. Pick it up if youre looking for something quick and easy and youre not too fussed about references to floaty, disembodied angel types and soul mates.

Rating: ????? (good)

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