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Q&A with Andrea Kane, author of The Line Between Here and Gone

 Q&A with Andrea Kane, author of The Line Between Here and Gone

'Blurb:'The man she loved is gone forever. The child she lives for could be next.'Each day is a struggle for Amanda Gleasons newborn son as he battles a rare immune deficiency. Justins best chance for a cure lies with his father, who was brutally murdered before Amanda even realised she carried his child.'Or was he?'One emailed photo changes everything, planting a seed of doubt that Amanda latches on to for dear life: a recent photo of a man who looks exactly like Paul. Could Justins father be alive? The mother in her is desperate to find out. But tracking down a ghost when every second counts is not for amateurs.'Forensic Instincts is the one team up for the challenge.'A behaviourist. A former navy SEAL. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A retired FBI agent. A human-scent-evidence dog. Together they achieve the impossible, pushing ethical and legal boundaries whenever the ends justify the means.'The manhunt is on for the elusive father. Yet the further FI digs into his past, the more questions are raised about whether the man Amanda fell in love with ever really existed at all.'Dark secrets. Carefully crafted lies. From the congressional halls of Washington, D.C., to exclusive Hamptons manors, there are ruthless people who would stop at nothing to make Forensic Instincts forget about the man Amanda desperately needs to find.'Little do'they'realise that once Forensic Instincts takes the case, nothing will stop them from uncovering the shocking truth that transcends'The Line Between Here and Gone.


Excerpt:'They were a lighter brown than Paul's, probably because they had yet to mature to their true color. But the shape, the lids, even the thick fringe of lashes ' those were all Paul's.

 Q&A with Andrea Kane, author of The Line Between Here and Gone

Q&A with Andrea Kane

My characters become part of me, like family, says Kane. The ending of a book is bittersweet.' My characters are fully formed, have achieved some resolution in battling the trials and tribulations of life. Just when I'm ready to enjoy their creation, it's time to say goodbye. Fortunately with Forensic Instincts, I get the chance to stay attached and further the FI team's characters and stories in their next book. The best part of writing The Line, for me, was bringing back the whole FI team. Theyve become so real to me, I love spending more time with them!

Kanes character inspiration comes from those she has met in her personal lifeand particularly those shes met during her research. I am constantly inspired by people (and animals) I meet while researching my novels: FBI agents, cops, other law enforcement personnel, doctors, nurses, vets, dogs, as well as people I meet in my everyday life. I think my characters embody the best and worst traits of all of them. Working closely with the FBI has given me the opportunity to see integrity, dedication, intelligence, and insightfulness up close and personal.

And though inspiration boards and scrapbooks are increasingly popular amongst authors, Kane eschews all of these. No boards, no scrapbooks. I'm a pretty cerebral person. For me, the inspiration comes from withincharacters with a story they're excited to tell!

She does, however, admit to some help (and hindrance) from her pet Pomeranian. It's amazing where he can place his snout, his paws, his tail and his body on my laptop to prevent me from writing.

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  1. What a fascinating premise for a novel. Sounds like a real page turner :)

    • Stephanie /

      It certainly is, David. Its definitely one where with each chapter the stakes get higher and higherthe tension is incredible.

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