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Giveaway: Elizabeth Hoyts Maiden Lane series

Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt Giveaway: Elizabeth Hoyts Maiden Lane series

To celebrate the release of bestselling romance author Elizabeth Hoyts latest release'Lord of Darkness,'Grand Central publishing has kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win a five-book set of Hoyts Maiden Lane series. The competition is open to my US readers (sorry, non US-ians) and will run from the 4th to the 19th of March.

To pique your interest, Ive included a specially selected excerpt from'Lord of Darkness. Give it a read, then fill in your details using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Megs's first thought was that Godric was hard'much harder than she'd thought a man getting on in years would be. It was as if all of his muscles turned to stone the moment she touched him. She knew this because the momentum of her kiss had forced him back against the wall as she pressed herself into him. Chest, belly, arms, and thighs were unyieldingly obdurate against her much-softer body. She angled her head, opening her mouth, tasting wine on his cold lips'and nothing happened. She was trying all her wiles, which, granted, weren't all that sophisticated, but still'was the man made of rock?


The air burst from her lungs in a puff of frustration and she drew back a little to look into his face.


Which was a mistake.


His crystal gray eyes were narrowed, his mouth flattened, and his nostrils flared just a bit. All in all, not an encouraging expression.


'Margaret,' he clipped out, using her full Christian name, 'what are you doing?'


She winced. If he had to ask, her attempt at seduction must be truly lacking.


Baby. She must keep her purpose at the forefront of her mind.


She smiled, though the effort might've been a trifle strained. 'I'I thought tonight would be a good time to become better acquainted.'


'Acquainted.' The word dropped, lifeless and heavy from his lips, and fell like a dead halibut between them.


She'd never liked fish. Megs inhaled to explain, but he set his hands on her arms, lifted her up and aside, and strolled past her to the fireplace.


Megs goggled. She'd never been one of those fairy-like girls, the ones who lived on marzipan and the odd strawberry here and there. She was a bit over average height and had the figure of a woman with a fondness for hearty country food. Yet her husband'her elderly husband'had lifted her with as little effort as he would a fluffy kitten.


Megs squinted at Godric, now on one knee by the hearth, stirring up the fire that had died while she'd dozed waiting for his return. He'd left off his soft cap tonight, and she saw for the first time the shorn hair that lay close to his scalp. It was dark, nearly black, but there was a wide swath of gray at both temples.


'How old are you?' she demanded, truly without thinking.


He sighed, still efficiently prodding the fire into life. 'Seven and thirty and, I'm afraid, well past the age of enjoying surprises.'


He stood and turned, and somehow he seemed taller tonight, his shoulders broader. Without his gray wig, without the habitual half-moon reading spectacles, he seemed'well, not younger, precisely, but certainly more virile.


Megs shivered. Virile was good. Virile was what she most needed in the prospective father of her child.


Why, then, did Godric seem suddenly more daunting as well?


He gestured to one of the chairs before the fireplace. 'Please. Sit down.'


She sank into the chair, feeling a bit like she had the time her governess had caught her hoarding sugared almonds.

He leaned against the mantel and raised an eyebrow. 'Well?'


'We've been married two years,' she began, crossing her arms, then immediately uncrossing them. Best to try not to look like a schoolboy being called on the carpet by a particularly dreary schoolmaster.


'You seemed happy enough at Laurelwood Manor.'


'I was. I am'' She held her hands flat out and shook her head. 'No.' She wasn't making any sense, but the time had come to stop prevaricating. 'No. I've been content enough, but not entirely happy.'


His dark brows drew together as he stared at her. 'I'm sorry to hear that.'


She leaned forward urgently. 'I'm not blaming you by any means. Laurelwood is a wonderful place to live. I love the gardens, Upper Hornsfield, the people, and your family.'


One eyebrow arched. 'But?'


'But it'I'm'missing something.' She jumped to her feet, pacing restlessly around the chair, trying to think how to make him understand. At the last moment, she realized her direction was taking her to the bed. She stopped short and whirled, blurting, 'I want'I desperately need'a child, Godric.'


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