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Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 10 April 2012

book news Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 10 April 2012

RIASS stuff:

I'm in Argentina right now, but will endeavour to pop in with bookish updates. Until then, it's scheduled posts galore! If you'd like to contribute something while I'm away, drop me a line at readinasinglesitting AT

Guest post: Kate Forsyth's list of'Rapunzel'retellings

Guest post:'Best BFFs in Young Adult Fiction'by Sarah Billington

Guest review:'Entwined'by Heather Dixon'(review byJami Zehr)

Guest post:'A blight on the memory of Enid Blyton'by Peta Jo

Other bookish stuff:

Enid Blyton defended:'Taking the nuances of language out of these stories is bound to change the experience of reading them. To place a story in a time period certain language and social markers are needed. Stripping the books of these markers is going to change the story even if the publishers are very careful not to change plot points.

Nicola Moriarty has a new website. Stay tuned for a RIASS guest post from Nicola!

Poetry meets design at Chronicle Books

An interview with Anita Heiss:'The whole point to all my writing is to portray the positive stories about Aboriginal people, because everyone else is doing a great job with the negatives.

Harlen Coben spills the beans on pretty much everything:''As a writer,' he observes, 'you only fail when you stop. I never stopped. I always kept believing in it.'

Mini pop-up communal libraries

A slide show of'New Yorker'covers that celebrate the elusive pleasures of travel

Suzanne Johnson is about to begin her launch tour

On trying to be a travel writer:'But to me, far from home and under the influence of peripatetic writers, it was clear I came from a line of wanderers.'In Patagonia'became a talisman, and with the zeal of the converted I went to Mongolia to find a new set of things to believe in, even if they were my own stories about adventures with nomads.

5 Great Movies About Writing

Guest Post: Why I Read (And Write) Scary Books by Will Hill:'I loved (and still love) horror because nothing makes you feel more alive than staring into the darkness and confronting the things that scare you.

The cat-friendly library:

Brian Sandersons Mistborn movie update and an interest-piquing trailer:

Mike Wallace interviews'Twilight Zone'creator Rod Serling:

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