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Book News, Reviews, and Musings 27 October 2010

book news 150x150 Book News, Reviews, and Musings 27 October 2010

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News and features

In the USA, Powells books has announced that it will be selling seven thousand books from author Anne Rice's private collection.

This article highlights the changing, expanding role of libraries.

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Young Aussie author Alexandra Adornetto (who went to my high school, but is rather more successful than I am) talks about her book tour.

Paul Murray, author of Skippy Dies, is interviewed at the Paris Review.

Rick Kleffel interviews Philip Roth about his novel Nemesis.


We review The Three Loves of Persimmon, a gorgeous fable by Aussie author Cassandra Golds.

Chris Flynn reviews William Gibsons latest novel,'Zero History.

Over at LocusOnline, Faren Miller reviews Anthony Huso's The Last Page, comparing it at times with the work of Mervyn Peake.

The Globe and Mail reviews How the Scots Invented Canada by Ken McGoogan (yes, that's a rather fabulous surname.)

The Broke and the Bookish reviews Matrimony by Joshua Henkin.


The Crazy for Books blog looks at some contemporary Irish female authors.

Author Van Badham gives us a list of 10 fabulous feminist literary icons

Just for fun

If you have no qualms about bending the corner of a book to mark your place, youll love this.

Author birthdays

Happy birthday Fran Lebowitz and Sylvia Plath!

Quote of the Day

Proverbs are always platitudes until you have personally experienced the truth of them. Aldous Huxley

Beautiful book cover of the day

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