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Book news, reviews, and musings 26 September 2010

book news 150x150 Book news, reviews, and musings 26 September 2010

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News and features

Confident at last that the antipodes has sufficient market demand, Sony has announced the release of two new eReader devices in Australia and New Zealand.

An ailing Harlan Ellison will say his goodbyes at the forthcoming convention MadCon.

Quill and Quire reports on a case where publisher Knopf leapt in with a pre-empt mere hours after receiving a manuscript. The book, about a plane crash in Canada, will be released in 2012.


The Airship Ambassador interviews author Tiffany Trent about her new steampunk novel The Unnaturalists.

Cynthia Leitich Smith chats with M. G. King,'author of'Librarian on the Roof! A True Story, about the ideas and inspiration behind her debut. And yes, librarians are heroes to a good many.

Book City City chats with paranormal romance author Marta Acosta about her typical writing day, which involves emails, coffee, and slinkies.


Over at SFCrowsnest, Vikki Green reviews Jasper Kents'Thirteen Years Later and is impressed by the authors depth of Russian knowledge.

Hamlet returns in graphic inkblot form, and the results are surprisingly good.

Neil Hollands adores Louisa May Alcotts classic Little Women, and the fact that it doesnt talk down to its audience.


Gav at NextRead wonders to what degree a book is its author, and is this an issue? He argues that, after all, we read to hear anothers perspective.

Ana at The Book Smugglers muses on how reviewing has changed the way she reads, and how shes now more inclined to give up on bad books.

Agent Sara Crowe muses on character names, their value, and their purpose.

Check out this Utopian/Dystopian hierarchy (complete with graph!) examining the rise in popularity of this genre over the years. (As an aside, weve reviewed a bunch of dystopian fiction recently, so if youve not seen them, you may wish to check them out.)

Just for fun

The Bookshop Blog reels off a list of strange items left in booksincluding, it seems, a gun!

Author birthdays

Happy birthday to T S Eliot, Mark Haddon, Minette Walters, and Andrea Dworkin!

Quote of the Day

Banning books is never the answer, even when (especially when) the subject matter makes you uncomfortable. Harper Teen.

Beautiful book cover of the day

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