Bookish news and publishing tidbits 24 November 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 24 November 2011

RIASS stuff:

See our latest giveaways:'Rosie Black Chronicles,'The Secret Ingredient,'Because of You'and'Past the Shallows.

Other bookish stuff:

Loving this ALA banned books bracelet

You always remember your first (book, that is)

RIP Anne McCaffrey.

Ann Beattie's 7 Truths About Writers, Rarely Discussed -'

From EContent: Publishers Get Into the E-Singles

How do you write crime fiction in the wake of a massacre? Thoughtful Observer piece on Norwegian crime

Essential classics to read: a list of 43 books across six genres'

Mr Darcy necklace

Nebula Awards Interview: Paolo Bacigalupi

Science fiction and the birth of innovation'

Books to film: a novel approach'

Australias first novelist, Henry Savery podcast, blogpost

The upcoming movie thriller version of Great Expectations is to get a new ending:'

Standing Out in the Slush Pile (including analogies of interest):'

A US reader travelling for Thanksgiving? 13 quick aeroplane reads''. and audiobook recs'

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